Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Facebook contests ideas for restaurants

 Facebook's contests are not only gaining popularity but are becoming a good marketing strategy for restaurants of all sizes. Learn how this five ideas can help you start your very own low cost contest.
1. March Madness- encourage your restaurant members to present some of their own favorite recipes. To participate contestants need to like your restaurant page and submit a photo with the recipe of their creation. And to win and move to the next level participants need to collect the most "likes" from fans
who'd want to see the winning recipe featured in your restaurant. The reward can be anything from your own establishment gift card to a special table service dinner for the winner and his friends.
2. Easter Egg Hunt- for this contest you can hide Easter eggs on your restaurant website each day along with the clues and tips on how to find them. The first player to find and click on each hidden egg can win a dinner package for two.
3. Guessing games- you can play guessing games like "guess how many ingredients are in a certain dish" or Word Jumble of a local landmark.
4. Photo contests- in this competition you can ask customers to show their "insert your own restaurant name Pride" in a creative way and post their showmanship on your fan page.
5. Share customer ideas and tips- you can run "Eat healthy and live longer" contest where customers can share their own tips and ideas of how to live a healthy lifestyle. The most unique comments and "likes" can win a special dinner or lunch from your restaurant.
 Remember whether you decide to run a contest or not don't forget to engage your customers on a daily basis.


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